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Week 23 Match Summaries

Mens Ones

Mens Ones conceded a late equaliser to draw 1-1 against Brighton Fours. The first half was evenly contested with both teams creating chances and it was half way through the second half when Crowborough took the lead through a James Partridge goal. Some questionable decisions led to Crowborough going down to nine men and a number of Brighton short corners being awarded followed by a penalty flick which they converted to level the match which is how it ended. Player of the match split between Mikey Orchard, Dan Lang and Ben James.

Womens Ones

The Womens One played a blinder against Hailsham this week, putting nine incredible goal past them. Four goals for Alice Webb, a hatrick for Sam Williams and one each for Nikki Churchward and Jess Jolly, all of which where awesome goals scored through great skill. Rosie Rawlings, Amanda Catling and Tilly Ryder-Richardson did not stop running as usual, all having great games showing strength, determination and skill. The defence consisting of Kati Innes, Michelle Hulse and Sandra Hemple in goal, although they didn't have much to do, cleared the ball brilliantly each time Hailsham made a break for goal. Sharron McGinely ran up and down the right sideline all game, gaining two assists and also passing on to Grace Mercer who got an assist too. Hannah Walker had a great games distributing the ball wide and setting up some great goals. With player of the match naturally being the top goal scorer Alice Webb, it was an inspiring team effort despite, at one point, only having 10 players on the pitch as Michelle Hulse was chatting away on the sideline! Lovely game against a lovely team with some great teas to finish off a nice day. The game ended in a 9-0 win. Well done team!!!

Mens Twos

Mens Twos won 8-0 against Horsham this week. Goals from Darren Pulman (2), Vitz (2), Joe Joyce (2), Phil Newington (1) and Alex Seath (1). Player of the match was Darren Pulman.

Womens Twos

Womens Twos played away against Brighton at 10:15am. It was an interesting game considering the umpire's whistle could barely be heard due to numerous other football games and our Mens Ones playing at the same time on surrounding pitches. Once again, everyone played with great grit and determination. The goalkeeper was excellent each save she made. The defence always had the Brighton attacks under control and performed some model transfers. The wingbacks made some great crosses and defended admirably. The midfield did not stop running the entire game, definitely putting in a shift. The forwards were hard working and continuously took shots against the opposition's goalkeeper. Sophie Holcombe, however, was the only one to convert after a great cross into her and a battle for the ball. Another chance should have been given to the team if the umpires awarded a penalty flick instead of a short corner after a Brighton defender saving a goal with their shinpad on the line. Alas this was not the case but did not stop the Borough from winning. It was a game played in an extremely friendly manner, the opposition was very accommodating and the umpires were professional. The game ended in a 1-0 win with Charlotte Richardson being named player of the match.

Mens Threes

Crowborough Mens Threes played against South Saxons Fours who are top of the league and unbeaten this year. Crowborough went out fighting hard only for a easy pass through from the opposition making it 0-1 at halftime. There wasn’t a team member on or off the pitch that didn’t give their all during this game. Borough were at their best with some fantastic hockey being played which Stuart Smith used to his advantage to score the equaliser. The team then battled all the way until the end, finishing on a 1-1 draw.

Womens Threes

Womens Threes hosted Brighton Eights at 10:30am at Beacon. The first half started well with Crowborough receiving several attacking short corners. However, Girls Development player Poppy opened the scoring up with an excellent first goal, which was assisted very well by the other upfront players. The defence and the midfielders were consistent with their exceptional work, ensuring that the opposition did not score and defending a few defensive shorts which equated to 1-0 at half time. Despite the hard work and massive amounts of running/tackling, Brighton were next to score in the second half equalising the score to 1-1. There was lots of hustling and tussles at both ends and quite a few opportunities where people were able to run the ball away to the opposition's end. An excellent run from Jen, with Amber finishing the goal off changed the score to 2-1 to Crowborough. It was at this point that the unusually warm weather and tiredness started to kick in, leading to an unfortunate goal from Brighton after many defensive short corners. Everyone played amazingly today and it was evident that every single player put their all into it. The final score was 2-2 and player of the match went to Poppy.

Boys Development Squad

Boys Development played at home against South Saxons. A tough game missing three key players and playing against an opposition with five under 15s. The younger but more team-based Crows rallied from the start. Passing was good, attacks were testing the county keeper and the defence solid. The game ended in a 3-1 loss and player of the match was shared between Lewis Kimsella and Albie Stubbings.

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