This Week's Results

24th September

Mens Ones

Horsham 0-4 Crowborough

Brighton & Hove - Crowborough

Ladies Ones

Mens Twos

Crowborough - Horsham

Ladies Twos

Southwick 1-6 Crowborough

Mens Threes

Crowborough 1-1 Brighton & Hove

Ladies Threes

Game Cancelled by Opposition

Boys Youth Academy

Crowborough 1-3 Brighton & Hove

Girls Youth Academy

Worthing 5-0 Crowborough

Player of the Match

Mens Ones Finn Alexander

Mens Twos --

Mens Threes Alex Walton-Turner

Boys Youth Academy --

Ladies Ones --

Ladies Twos Sophie Holcombe

Ladies Threes Cathy Rawlings

Girls Youth Academy --

League Position