Ladies Threes 2021

Ladies Threes


Lara Swan


Martlets Division Four (Ladies)


An exciting new side this year captained by Amanda Catling. This team is a great opportunity for older development girls to get stuck into ladies hockey and perfect for ladies who want to begin or revive their hockey adventure! Numerous new players have found a love for hockey via this team and they have aided the expansion of our club tremendously. Their first season as a team ended with them attaining 6th place in their league, a huge success for a group of players who have never played together before.

Training Times

Wednesday Evening

19:00pm - 20:00pm

Top Goal Scorers

1- R Valentine- 6

2- L Gibson- 5

3- E Taylor- 4

4- Z Wood- 3

5- L Ikeson- 2

This Week's Match

Season Ended

Meet: --

Pushback: --

Venue: --