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Mens Twos


Hamish Marr


Martlets Division Three (Men)


Captained by Hamish Marr, the Men's Twos team are a side known for their team spirit and strong skills. They are an effective side with a reputation for being the 'quickest team' at the club. These consistent and loyal players are set on trying to climb their league and play at a high standard. The men finished in a strong 6th place this season and strive to attain higher in the 22/23 season. 

Training Times

Wednesday Evening

19:00pm - 20:00pm

Top Goal Scorers

1- H Marr- 14

2- D Credland- 6

3- C Phelan- 6

4- M Linley- 4

5- B Martin- 3

This Week's Match

Season Ended

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Pushback: --

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