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Week 21 Match Summaries

Mens Ones

Mens Ones played away against Eastbourne at 15:00pm. Bringing only 11 players, the match started competitively with both teams creating chances but it was Eastbourne who broke the deadlock. Crowborough pressed and created chances but just couldn’t seem to convert. Eastbourne on the other hand took theirs in the second half putting the game beyond Crowborough. The game ended in a 4-0 loss and player of the match was awarded to Harry Hook.

Womens Ones

Womens Ones played away against Horsham at 11:00am. The team were carrying a few injuries but started well and played with a huge amount of determination and team spirit playing as a unit and battling for each other. The team were unlucky to go in 1-0 down at half time. In the second half the team kept working hard and had a few break away chances but conceded twice more. Well done to all, a great team effort. The game ended in a 3-0 loss against top of the league. Player of the match was Amanda Catling.

Mens Twos

Mens Twos played at home against Mid Sussex at 15:00pm. The game got off to a rough start, the Crows going 1-0 down in the first half. After a fun half time team talk which was unrepeatable, Darren Pullman scored from about 30cm out. He then contridicted his goal by deflecting one off their goal line to prevent the team from going 2-1 up. A costly error from a dignity point of view. Luckily some seriously unselfish play from Alex Seath won the Crows the game after a tap in from Hamish Marr. A cracking fight back from the lads, especially the youngsters! The promotion train goes rolling on! The game ended in a 2-1 win and player of the match was split between Alex Seath and Will Sermon.

Womens Twos

Womens Twos played away against East Grinstead at 10:30am. The game began with floods of rain and was stopped during the first half due to excessive hail. However, everyone was determined to play on no matter the weather and they finished the game absolutely soaked to the bone. The team knew it would be a difficult game as the only games the opposition had lost this season were because they pulled out and the fact that the opposition's team had a healthy mix of players from the league above gave them a large advantage. However the Crows fought hard from the start whistle, conceding two goals early on but then keeping the opposition at bay for the rest of the game. Goalkeeper Keren Loder made some cracking saves despite not being able to see much through the rain and hail, impressive everyone. Some other players to mention for an amazing performance are Tilly Ryder-Richardson for recovering from an ankle injury quickly and delivering some greats crosses and shots from wingback, Charlotte Richardson who was her usual speedy self and tackled with great precision and Josie Mitchell, player of the match, who dominated the opposition's half of the pitch and fought to the very end. It was yet another great team performance but unfortunately not enough to continue to winning streak. The game ended in a 2-0 loss. Doughnut of the day, Claire North, deserves also to be mentioned for galloping through puddles at the end of the game, her logic being "because my astros are already wet". It cheered everyone up after the difficult match and increased the team moral.

Mens Threes

Mens Threes played at home against Eastbourne at 13:30pm. Crowborough came out strong with early attacking intent, but Eastbourne soon set up camp in Crowborough's half. A string of short corners ended with a fantastic save off the line by Graham from a short corner. Graham was straight back in action with an excellent side line ball through to James who controlled the ball well before slotting neatly home for a deserved lead. Eastbourne equalised a few minutes later from a well rehearsed short corner. Good play from both sides but strong defending at both ends kept things even. The second half started strong again for Crowborough with a super cross from Stuart just evading the end of James’ stick right in front of the Eastbourne goal. Crowborough had the better chances of an ill tempered second period, but none were converted by either side.  

The match ended as a 1-1 draw.

Womens Threes

Womens Threes played at home against Lewes Legends at 12:00pm. It was a strong team performance from the start meaning Borough had several shots on goal, and, following some frenzied play, Jenny Brough managed to open the scoring from an attacking short. Legends fought back hard and managed to equalise just before the half time whistle. The second half was mainly defensive with Bethy Catling, Caroline Webb, and Lottie Ikeson working flat out with Jess Ikeson to secure the goal, and wingbacks Alison Youlton, Sarah Mercer and Sophia Dennett repeatedly helping to dig the ball out. Midfield saw Eve Taylor working hard and skilfully, and Jenny Brough made several skilful runs on the goal but sadly was not able to convert. The final score was a 1-1 draw, which was particularly impressive as Legends are at the top of the league. Player of the match went to Anoushka Wolfe in the frontline for sheer hard work and determination.

Boys Development Squad

Boys Development played at home against Mid Sussex at 10:30am. In the most horrendous weather we have had the two teams took to the pitch. Although in the first quarter Crowborough were all over the opposition they could not find the goal. The second quarter saw players working hard and performance improved but unfortunately the opposition opened the scoring and by half time the Crows were two down. The third quarter saw both sides change their line-up and both teams have opportunities to score. End of the third the boys were down 3-0. The last quarter saw a change in fortune and the Crowborough boys stormed through with 3 goals in 10 mins. The winning forth goal remained elusive and the game finished as a 3-3 draw. Player of the match was shared between Ethan Blake and Harry Sermon.

Girls Development Squad

Girls Development played away against Eastbourne. The first quarter saw some good passing but also a little too much dribbling, meaning only one shot was taken. After some tactical subbing and formation work by Rob and Justin, the second quarter saw more accurate passing and fast ball speed, resulting in more shots taken. The third quarter saw some excellent passing, lots of attempts on goal and some very solid defensive work from Amelia, Emily, Willow and Isla. Borough started the last quarter 1-0 up, quickly making it two with some great passing around the keeper. The final quarter was end-to-end play with both teams scoring. Players of note for this week are Amelia, for her wall like defence and Isla P for constant energy and movement around the pitch. The game ended in a 2-1 win with player of the match being shared between Hannah and Isla P.

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