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Week 19 Match Summaries

Mens Ones

Mens Ones played away against South Saxons. It was a really end-to-end game and reportedly really good to watch. Unfortunately the opposition got two goals in the first ten minutes but Crowborough maintained a determined demeanour throughout. From 3-0 down, the Crows bounced back with Freddie Lee getting a goal from a penalty flick awarded for a deliberate back of stick and Will Prime scoring the second. The game ended in a 3-2 defeat with player of the match going to Charlie Ralph.

Womens Twos

Womens Twos played a friendly game away against Eastbourne at 10:00am. As usual, the opposition were lovely and the umpiring was great. It was an 80 minute game full of chaotic subbing and giggles throughout. All women's sides cooperated for this effort, the Ones, Twos, Threes and even a few older Girls Development all playing together. Each quarter saw goals from Crowborough, scorers were Jess Jolley (2), Hermione Compton (1), Amanda Catling (1) and Meg Shaw (1). It was a solid team display. The short corners awarded were some of the most excellent ones played by the Twos, forward Bethy Catling striking confidently each time. Forwards Amber Valentine, Jo Alker, Hermione Compton and Meg Shaw were also extremely successful at crossing the ball into the D, getting on those posts and shooting with precision. Vicky Dennett, Charlotte Richardson, Amanda Catling and Jess Jolley were key members of the team in midfield with some great balls to the attacking players. Wingbacks Claire North, Sophia Dennett and Meg Johnson were superb at going forward and efficient at running back to help the defence. Centre backs Tilly Ryder-Richardson, Rach Catling and Michelle Hulse distributed the ball across the pitch well and made some great tackles inside and outside their own D. Goalkeeper Keren Loder made some inspiring sliding saves and was confident in defensive short corners. It was an excellent game which was played in the correct manner and set up the team for a good game next week. The final score was a 5-3 win with player of the match going to Jess Jolley! A special mention to Sophia Dennett, Meg Shaw and Sophie Holcombe who have all been dedicated Twos players this season and celebrated their birthdays recently. We hope you all had amazing days!

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