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Week 12 Match Summaries

Womens Threes

Womens Threes played at home to Burgess Hill Fours with a 10:30am pushback. Borough's second week using the new formation saw some excellent aggressive midfield play with Jennie Turner, Jennie Brough, Fiona Von-Hinton and Lottie Ikeson really working hard. Sarah Mercer, Meg Shaw and Bethy Catling were key players today, performing some excellent clearances and defensive play at centreback. Wingbacks Alison Youlton, Eve Taylor and Jo Alker worked tirelessly and skilfully to move the ball away from the opposition. At halftime, following some remarkable saves from Jess Ikeson the score was 0-0. The second half was full on and with some fantastic play from the forwards, Rachel Valentine and Caroline Webb running hard and attempting some excellent shots on goal. Towards the end of the game Amber Valentine set up Anoushka Wolfe to score twice in quick succession. The final score was a 2-0 victory - an early and well earned Christmas gift for the team. Player of the Match was Anoushka Wolfe. A special thanks to Steve Valentine and Meg Bissett for running subs as well as Vicky Dennett and Amanda Catling for umpiring.

Boys Youth Academy

Boys Youth Academy played a high flying Brighton and fell to a 4-1 defeat. The visitors began brightly and were two up speedily leaving the Crows reeling. However, they then steadied the ship and clawed one back from a superb short corner with Woody Boulton on the score sheet. Forward momentum grew but Brighton’s keeper parried and smothered all attempts. Brighton came out determined to secure the points and slotted in a further two goals despite an excellent double save from Rufus Cater. Thank you to Will and Ted for umpiring.

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