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Week 12 Match Summaries

Mens Ones

Mens Ones played at home against Hailsham at 13:30pm. It was a proper team effort this week, everyone playing their part in this spectacular win. This game does not require a large summary because the score speaks for itself. The game ended in an 11-4 win with goals coming from Ollie (4), Rohan (4), Oscar (1), Jake S (1) and Mike (1).

Mens Twos

Mens Twos played away against Littlehampton at 10:30am. The team played with 10 men, meaning each one of them had to work even harder to fill in the gap of the eleventh player. Expert passing and the team's signature quick running meant that they were able to score another one of their impressive goals. Unfortunately, the game ended in a 2-1 loss with Hamish Marr getting the goal. Player of the match went to Harry Hook.

Mens Threes

Mens Threes played at home against Eastbourne at 10:30am. In a tight game, mens threes played well and battled hard to squeeze out a draw. Everyone played their part and ensured that the opposition was kept at bay. The game ended in a 1-1 draw with Freddie Lee scoring. Player of the match went to Graham Clampin.

Ladies Ones

Ladies Ones played at home against Southwick at 12:00pm. It was a difficult, well-matched game which showed end-to-end hockey throughout. The ladies demonstrated excellent passing skills and displayed great technique to get them three incredible goals. Two goals for Kate Baxter and an awesome diving goal for Annie Marr meant that the ladies drew the game 3-3 with player of the match going to Lucy Smith.

Ladies Twos

Ladies Twos played away against Mid Sussex at 12:45pm. The team had a rocky start, one of their players getting a questionable green card. However, this did not shake the team, the ladies pushing hard for goals. They won tackles, short corners, free hits and spent a large amount of time in the opposition's D. The opposition had a fair few chances but goalie Keren and the magnificent defence saw that they did not get any goals through. A late goal from Rosie Rawlings secured the win for the side. The game ended in a 1-0 win with player of the match going to Rose James for the second week in a row for her awesome attempts on goal and expert dribbling.

Ladies Threes

Ladies Threes played away against Hailsham at 10:30am. The game was very end to end and demonstrated spectacular team work. The passing wide has improved dramatically and the defending was on point. Communication between players meant that the team were able to pass around the opposition effectively and enter half time with a 0-0 draw. Unfortunately, Hailsham were able to slip two goals past our defence despite their awesome tackles. The game ended in a 2-0 loss but the ladies went away in high spirits and celebrated their improvement. Player of the match went to Lottie Ikeson, Sophie Holcombe and Sophia Dennett, showing just how well the whole team played!

Girls Development

Girls Development played at home against Mid Sussex at 14:00pm. The girls dominated the first half, going into half time leading 1-0. The second half saw the girls have some great shots on target and display some excellent stick skills. Unfortunately, some breaks from the opposition meant that the game ended in a 2-1 loss with the goal going to Grace Mercer. The girls cannot wait for their next home game next week!

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