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Week 9 Match Summaries

Mens Ones

Mens Ones played away against South Saxons at 15:00pm. With only 11, they retained the ball well and created a lot of chances while stopping the opposition from even having a shot on goal. Captain Matt Ott said the team played "the best hockey I've seen in a Crowborough shirt". The game was played in great spirit, much more competitive than the score line suggests. The men won 5-0, scorers including Ollie Turner-Moore (2), Oscar Wakelin (2) and Alex Seath (1). Player of the match went to the team due to such an incredible performance.

Mens Twos

Mens Twos played at home against Brighton at 10:30am. The team lost 1-0 after a very strong performance and great determination shown by the entire side. Player of the match went to Harry Hook for his amazing display.

Mens Threes

Mens Threes played at home against Lewes at 12:00pm. Another superb display for the men today with young players moving up from development to beat Lewes 2-1. It proved to be a very tight and high pressured game but the Crows managed to take the win. Scorers included Graham Clampin and Steve Valentine. Player of the match went to Rory Pampihlon for a mature defensive masterclass.

Ladies Ones

Ladies Ones played away against Mid Sussex at 12:00pm. Proving to be quite a difficult game, the ones battled hard and came in fast to score the first goal of the game. The opposition went on to score 2 more goals to win the game, the Crows unfortunately just missing out. With the game containing questionable goals and terrifyingly cold weather, the ones performed extremely well and were super unlucky to lose 2-1. The goal was scored by the amazing Annie Marr.

Ladies Twos

Ladies Twos played away against South Downs at 10:30am. Once again playing with 11 players, the ladies began the game with great attacking play and spectacular passing. The game was 0-0 at half time, the team coming out into the second half with awesome teamwork and fierce determination, unfortunately conceding two well-drilled goals within 10 minutes. The game ended in an unlucky 2-0 loss with player of the match going to Rach Catling.

Ladies Threes

Ladies Threes played at home against Crawley at 15:00pm. The Crows gave a strong team performance, fighting hard throughout the game to push up the pitch and keep the opposition away from their goal. The team conceded early in the game but did not let it get to them at all. They continued to press and work in tandem effectively to receive many shots on goal. None of them were lucky until the last 2 minutes of the game where Catherine Burns scored a perfect goal after 5 minutes of constantly attacking the opposition's goal. The game ended in a 1-1 draw and player of the match went to Katie Shearn for her outstanding midfield display and Catherine Burns for that awesome goal.

Boys Development

Boys Development played at home against Brighton at 14:30pm. Unfortunately, the team suffered a 6-1 loss but they are planning to come back next week with a stronger side, amazing skills, impressive speed and unbeatable teamwork.

Girls Development

Girls Development played away against Priory at 10:30am. Possibly the hardest game they will play all season, the girls played well together and displayed great communication throughout. They entered half time with a 0-0 draw but the second half unfortunately included conceding 3 goals. Despite this, the final score of 3-0 is one of the best scores the girls have received against Priory and so the team went back home with massive smiles on their face. Well done Girls Development!

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