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Young Dev Vs Aldershot 16/01/21

Young Dev played away against Aldershot at midday.

Crowborough were definitely evenly matched for the whole of the game and the young Crows all worked so hard for the team. The side had at least 8 short corners and the plays worked really well.

There was resolute and disciplined defending where Oli H was incredibly composed with some excellent forward plays.

Grace and Eddie got some great strikes off and Alfie injected extremely well.

Eden also scored a lovely goal but they unfortunately whistled for a short to us too early.

Woody made an effective mid pivot with Henry a super right mid outlet.

Making his debut, Harry was fast and determined at the back and Bo cleared lines magnificently well.

Young Beau and Riyad did well to keep width and created amazing attacking chances.

Lovely Cath stepped in as keeper today, giving the chance for the young Crows to develop around her as well as supporting her team in every way she could.

Coach Vicky Dennett was really impressed with everyone today. With a bit more luck on our side it could have been even closer than the final 3-0 loss. The team look forward to their next tournament coming up soon and hope to use their skills developed today to win a few games!

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