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Week 5 Match Summaries

Mens Ones

Mens Ones played against Crawley 2s at home at 13:30pm. It was a tough fixture to play with only 11 players. The team battled hard to get a 2-2 draw but their tiredness towards the end of the game meant they conceded a few more goals. The game ended as a 5-2 loss with Finn Alexander being voted player of the match. Goals scored by Rohan Milne and captain Matt Ott.

Mens Twos

Mens Twos played away against Crawley 3s at 15:00pm. The team started the game with 10 players and went down to 9 in the second half. Player Charlie Phelan commented "For the majority of the opposition to not realise until after the game we were short shows we held our own. With a full team we'd have likely left with a better result. Up the Borough!"

Mens Threes

Mens Threes played at home at 10:30am against Brighton 8s. It was a tough game with many chances but the team unfortunately could not find the goal. The game ended in a 6-1 loss with Steve Valentine scoring the lone goal. The team are hoping for a better result against Crawley 4s next weekend!

Ladies Ones

Ladies Ones played against East Grinstead 3s at home at midday. Vice Captain Lucy Smith described the game as "the best hockey we have played in so long and every single goal was a real team effort with every player working as one to beat a team of good yet tough individuals. Just all around incredible." The game ended in a 4-1 win with all 4 goals coming from Kate Baxter. Player of the match was awarded to the goalie, Sandra Steeple!

Ladies Twos

Ladies twos played away against Southwick at midday. Despite having only 11 players, the whole team put in a shift, working incredibly hard against an extremely physical opposition. It was a quite physical game with two serious injuries to defenders of the Crowborough team, causing changes to players' positions. However, Crowborough won 2-1, continuing their winning streak. Goals came from Becky Ikeson and Amber Valentine and player of the match went to Meg Bissett. We hope you get well soon Alison and Meg and cannot wait to see you back in the game!

Ladies Threes

Ladies Threes played away against Brighton 8s at 10:15am. The opposition were extremely fast but were quickly stopped by our fantastic defenders and midfielders. The whole team fought for the entire game, the forwards pushing hard for the win. The game was extremely close but a goal from Alice Webb secured the win. Despite it being Alice's first adult game, she won it for the team and received player of the match. A massive well done to her and the team for receiving their second win in a row!

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