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Week 15 Match Summaries

Mens Ones

Mens Ones played away against Crawley at midday. Despite the game being one of the toughest they have played this season, Captain Matt Ott was super proud of his team and their correct attitude regardless of a challenging opposition. The ones kept there composure and despite the hardships, battled continuously until the end. An admirable attitude was shown by all Crowborough players. Jake Simmonds scored two excellent goals but it was unfortunately not enough to win them the game. It ended in a 4-2 loss with player of the match going to Ben James.

Mens Twos

Men's Twos played at home against Crawley at 13:30pm. The men played extremely well together with great team goals in both halves. Everyone proved how great they where with every pass being on point and each player laying down everything on the line to battle for a win. With a big crowd cheering the men on from the side-line, they impressed everyone with there skill and structure. The game featured a particularly great goal from Hamish Marr. Despite the hard work the game unfortunately ended in a 5-3 loss with player of the match going to Cookie!

Mens Threes

Mens Threes played away against Brighton at 16:15pm. Unfortunately the game ended in a 14-0 loss but the team are determined to come back stronger next time they play.

Ladies Ones

Ladies Ones played away against East Grinstead. The team dominated the entire game, Annie Marr expertly scoring the first goal. Sadly, the score went against them when they lost to 3 short corners due to a player on the opposition who could hit at lightspeed. The team described the umpiring to be fantastic. Captain Sam Williams said "I'm super proud of our team" and hope to get some more excellent goals next time they play. The game unfortunately ended in a 3-1 loss.

Ladies Twos

Ladies Twos played at home against Southwick at midday. The game began with some excellent passing from the Crows as well as great communication and attacking play. The first half saw goals from Sophie Holcombe, Jen Brough and Alice Webb, each goal tailored to their own unique style. Throughout the game the team showed magnificent defending, clearing out to the sides effectively and constantly assisting the attacking play. Every player pushed hard and played to their full potential, definitely helping the win. The game ended in a well earned 3-1 win with player of the match going to Claire North for her absolutely amazing play in a completely new position.

Ladies Threes

Ladies Threes played at home against Brighton at 10:30am. The team had a strong side this week and gave their all to get a good result. Each player was very well composed and able to pass around quickly and effectively. Some lovely play was created from the defence which transformed into some amazing chances for the ladies. Their play today showed lots of individual improvements from lots of the players and it was a great team performances overall. Despite this, the game unfortunately ended in a disappointing 2-0 loss with two late goals from Brighton. Player of the match going to the amazing Lara Swan.

Boys and Girls Development

As both teams did not have a game this week, they decided to do a friendly against each other! The game showed great passing skill from each team, the spacing and talking improving throughout. The amount of improvement shown by both sides this season was evident in this game. Every player shone and displayed their individual skills perfectly. The friendly ended in a 3-0 win to the boys with player of the match going to Emily for the girls and Harvey for the boys. A massive thank you to everyone who came up to play, support and umpire, it was a great way to encourage our younger Crows.

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