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Junior Games 23/01/22

Under 12 Girls Vs Brighton

The Young Crows travelled to Brighton this weekend for a challenging tournament against the home side, Eastbourne and East Grinstead.

The first game ended in a 1-1 draw against Brighton, Henrietta scoring with much skill and determination.

The second game ended in a 0-1 loss against Eastbourne despite some excellent defensive play.

The third game ended in a 0-3 loss against Brighton. The girls demonstrated some awesome attacking play but unfortunately could not get it past the goalie.

The final game ended in a 0-1 loss against East Grinstead which was a huge success for the girls because of the opposition's high reputation.

Coach Julie Bradshaw said "They all played very well and the only team with a goalie so everyone quite tired by the end! But great play by all and bags of effort!"

Young Development Vs Epsom

The boys played at home against Epsom this weekend and played absolutely superbly.

It was hard to beat goalkeeper Jess and the well marshalled defence in open play.

Oli, Will and Bo were incredibly strong at the back.

Eddie broke up many attacks coming through the middle.

Sam played some excellent probing balls.

Henry and Harry great outlets on the right midfield.

Player of the match performance from Alfie on the left.

Eden was a menace up front.

Intense battling from Nathan and Harvey on the wings.

Masterful composure from Annie and Rosie.

The opposition were fast in attack but Will mopped up a lot!

And Oli quickly turned defence to attack.

We were definitely our best side in the first quarter with so much forward momentum. With a few more bodies in the D and we might have got ourselves in front.

Thanks to umpires (Bethy and Keren) and all the helpers and supporters who came along today

. Boys by quarter v Epsom:

1st: 0-0 2nd: 0-1 3rd: 0-1 4th: 0-1

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