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Junior Games 20/03/22

Under 12 Girls Match

The girls played a full match at home against Brighton this week after some teams dropped out of the tournament. Each quarter counted as a separate game, lasting fifteen minutes with breaks in-between for drinks, snacks and team talks.

The first quarter saw the girls get used to the opposition, fighting hard against them to eventually come out with a 2-0 loss.

The second quarter saw huge improvements in the girl's play. The calling from our forward, Henrietta, got increasingly louder as the game went on and meant defence could determine her whereabouts easier. Defending from Meg and Isla was spectacular with Phoebe making some excellent tackles which impressed even the opposition. Despite this positivity, the game ended in a 2-0 loss once again.

The third quarter continued that positive incline, encouraging more communication between the team and passing to our wides, Bethany and Hannah. Both had some great runs down the wing and allowed some skilful balls to be put into the middle for Hermione to run onto. The advancements were reflected in the score, the game only ending in a 1-0 loss.

The last quarter was by far the most dramatic. Tackling was strong (despite perhaps a few stick tackles) and the breakaways from our girls saw some awesome attacking play. A penalty flick was awarded to Brighton after a stick accidentally hooked their players leg. Our stand in goalie, Annie M, who has only played goal once before, stood up to the plate and performed a spectacular save which had everyone cheering. After this, she made another five saves in a row and it was thought no one would get past her in this game. Unfortunately an almost impossible goal was scored to make the game a 1-0 loss once again.

Despite the scorelines, the girls were superb and their improvement over the four long and tiring games was noted by everyone.

Well done to Meg who received player of the match for her inspiring defensive display and great leadership from the back. Also a special mention to Isla who sought off many Brighton attacks and marked with precision on her debut into the team.

Thank you to Alfie R who kindly gave up his umpire position to fill a space on the opposition and helped everyone around him develop their game through his calling and exceptional play.

Thank you to everyone who helped out this morning, especially Annie M for stepping in as goalie against such a difficult opposition. Our umpires Izzy I, James L and Grace M were awesome as usual. All the parents were extremely supportive of the girls on their last appearance of the season and coach Rach C was incredibly proud of everyone who played. It was a real group effort and one that each girl appreciated.

Under 12 Boys Tournament

The boys were up early for a long trip down to Worthing for a tournament against the counties most difficult teams.

The tournament saw some incredibly high standards of hockey but this did not intimidate the boys.

There were some cracking goals from Eddie and Hayden which boosted team spirit tremendously.

There was some great defensive work from Henry and so many last ditch tackles, drive and determination from Saxon, Joe and Aydin.

On top of that, there were so many great shots by Riyad only stopped by a worldy of a keeper.

Player of the day went to Albie for his awesome performance in goal.

The boys had so much possession and so many chances. They all played superbly and coach Vicky D was incredibly proud of the side.

Well done Boys!

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