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Junior Games 06/03/22

Young Development

Coach Vicky Dennett is super proud of the Young Development's achievements today. After a brave defeat to a higher tier Eastbourne side in a friendly, the team were then very worried when the league opposition (Addiscombe) beat them 3-0. The Crows thought they would have to concede and just play as hard as they could!

But no!

The young side achieved a 1-1 draw, scoring first and looking most likely to get the next goal. Eden's goal was superb and everyone played incredibly well.

A massive thank you to James Lee, Keren Loder, Hamish Marr and Lucy Smith for umpiring.

Also, thanks to Mina Lawrence for providing three sets of teas!

And to our older players who gave up their Sunday across the two games to help the youngsters coming through (Vicky Dennett, Will Sermon, Rose James, Ben James, Sam Williams, Lottie Richardson and Cathy Rawlings).

Under 12 Girls

Great grit from the Girls Under 12s today with three fixtures against first class opposition.

They dusted themselves off after a bruising encounter with Brighton to perform admirably.

Well done to all the girls! Despite not getting the results they deserved, the whole team played with smiles on their faces and made the most out of today's hockey experience. Our young Crows will surely use these matches to improve and maintain their strong team dynamic.

Thanks to Charlotte for stepping up an age level and slotting in perfectly. Roisin also had a lovely debut to the side and will be a lovely addition to the team. Absolutely lovely play from all the girls.

Massive thanks to manager Sarah Mercer and to her able assistants for the later games Grace Mercer and Zoey Wood for giving up their Sunday so the girls could play.

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