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Dinner Dance 2024

On April 20th 2024, Crowborough hosted their annual Dinner Dance celebration to mark the end of a successful season. It was an excellent evening enjoyed by players, friends and family. It was also a very rewarding evening for some of the attendees, the people named below earning awards from the club. A huge thank you to everyone who helped organise the event and to all who attended. We hope next season is just as fruitful as this one, possibly more with our new pitch on its way! Congratulations to all Crowborough players and see you all next season!

Captains Cup - Sam Williams 

Team of the year - Mens Twos

Mens Most Improved - Ollie Hewitt 

Ladies Most Improved - Jennie Turner

Junior Girls - Grace Mercer

Junior Boys - Freddie Lee

Girls Development Player of the Year - Tabbi Carter 

Girls Development Most Improved - Isla Potter

Boys Development Player of the Year - Ethan Blake

Boys Development Most Improved - Beau Bolton

Alf and Wyn Ladies' Fair Play - Amy Currie 

Rob Smith Men’s Fair Play - Mikey Orchard 

Julie Bradshaw - Brett Parish

Mens 1s - Tom James 

Ladies 1s - Rosie Rawlings

Mens 2s - Alex Seath

Ladies 2s - Josie Mitchell

Mens 3s - Ted Fulham

Ladies 3s - Caroline Webb

John Whittard Loyalty - Tilly Ryder-Richardson

John Faithful Non-Playing - Rob Spinger

Ron Easton - Fiona Von-Hinten

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