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Week 1 Match Summaries

Mens Ones

Another home game occurred at 13:30pm, the club's mens ones team playing East Grinstead in the afternoon. The team fought hard throughout with some great attacking play from both teams. Crowborough lost 3-5, goals coming from Oscar Wakelin, Ben James and Josh Holman. The team pushed until the end but just came up a little short.

Mens Twos

Mens twos played at Christs Hospital against Horsham at 15:00pm. Despite having "defended for 70 minutes", the mens side were ecstatic with their 1-0 win! They had many players who had never played such high adult hockey before and so this result was absolutely incredible. Well done mens twos!

Mens Threes

No Game

Ladies Ones

The Ladies Ones team were scheduled to play Burgess Hill at midday. The opposition turned up at Beacon with 9 players, leading to both teams mixing to do a defence vs attack game. Predictably, the attacking team won 6-1 but each team finished the game with new tips on how to play their position and having had a super enjoyable game!

Ladies Twos

Ladies twos travelled to Brighton at 16:30pm to face their ladies 7s. The ladies deserved a well earned victory, not only having to fight against the opposition but also the low autumn sun which blinded them in every direction. Despite this, the ladies won 5-3, ending the day with an amazing victory and an amazing teas. Goals came from Annie Marr, Jess Jolley and Becky Ikeson.

Ladies Threes

The ladies threes played away at St Bedes at 10am. As the team's first league game, the new team fought hard and played well throughout. A real team atmosphere began to develop during the game, each and every lady loving it and creating new bonds with fellow players. Unfortunately, the highly skilled Priory scored a massive 12 goals against the side but everyone came away having learnt a lot and having enjoyed the game immensely.


Both development teams began with games at 10:30am. The boys travelled to Brighton to play against the club's development side, winning 3-1. It was an amazing win for the start of a hopefully successful season! The girls remained at home and played Priory, the famed fastest and most skilled team in the development league. The team fought hard for the full 70 minutes, only losing 2-0 to the side. Massive congratulations to the girls for keeping their heads up and pushing forwards!

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