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Week Four Match Summaries

Ladies Ones

Ladies Ones played at home against Middleton at 10:30am. The first half was very even, physical and intense for the ladies. Both teams were fighting for a goal, and even with multiple short corners for the Crows the ladies struggled to put it in the net. After half time the ladies fought extremely hard and some lovely play resulted in Nikki Churchwood scoring leaving it 1-0. Middleton shortly after made a break and scored a great goal, leaving the teams equal once again. It was a very competitive and hard core second half where the ladies put in 110%. Within the last 5 minutes, Middleton ladies scored another goal, putting the pressure on the Crows to score a quick equaliser. Naomi Tear skilfully took the push back and ran the entire half dribbling it past all Middleton players and was rewarded a short corner where the Crows desperately tried to score. However even with another short corner given to the Crows in the final minute, they were unable to equalise leaving the game 1-2 to Middleton. Everyone gave it their all in the second half and a real fight was fought. Player of the match went to Annie Marr for consistently supporting the team and being in all the right places at the right time. Well done ladies!

Mens Ones

Mens Ones played away against St Francis at 15:00pm. A game of two half’s, Crowborough were dominant in the first with four unanswered goals and some well-conditioned play. The second half saw St Francis throw everything at the men with nothing to lose resulting in an unexpected comeback. Crowborough still created chances but could not seem to convert adding to the pressure. The men held out finishing on the front foot. Goals came from everywhere with Jake Simmons, Dan Lang, Hamish Marr and Ollie Turner-Moore all getting one a piece. The game ended in a 4-3 win with player of the match went to Tom James. Special mention to Mikey Orchard for battling on in goal after sustaining an injury in the warm-up with a number of saves to keep us ahead.

Ladies Twos

Ladies Twos played away against Honeybees at 16:00pm. Prepared for a physical game, that is exactly what the ladies got! The opposition who were recently relegated from the league above hit the Crows hard and fast, throwing absolutely everything at them immediately. However, the Crows adapted to their play well and drove them back, having some amazing play. Lottie Ikeson, Grace Mercer, Sophie Holcombe and Josie Mitchell displayed some excellent attacking moments with great communication and passing throughout the game. Defenders Meg Bissett, Alison Youlton, Claire North and Bethy Catling were incredible, fighting off every single attack effectively. Goalkeeper Keren Loder had an unbelievable game, finding her confidence and pushing out of goal to clear the ball with insane confidence! And midfielders Vicky Dennett, Amanda Catling, Rach Catling and Hazel Ediss were great at pushing up the pitch and tracking back, helping out both the defensive and forward lines. With each goal scare, the team had an attacking phenomenon. Super impressed with everyone who played today. The game ended in a well-deserved 0-0 draw with player of the match going to the hardworking midfielder Hazel Ediss.

Ladies Threes

Ladies Threes played at home against Southdowns at 13:30pm. Crowborough threw themselves into the match with some great midfield play from Becky Ikeson, Jo Alker, Caroline Webb and Sophia Dennett. New threes player Ally Colman joined the defence after many years away from the game and worked hard, fitting in with the team seamlessly. At halftime the score was 0-1. In the second half Crowborough’s defence saw a lot of action with Jane French’s welcome return to the pitch helping to keep the opposition on their toes. Up front, Lucy Gibson and Amber Valentine battled away, and Lucy managed to bag a spectacular goal. The final score was a 1-3 loss and the player of the match went to Amber Valentine for focus, skill and energy.

Mens Threes

Mens Threes played away against Lewes at 10:15am. A tough game this weekend with injuries to Alex Walton-Turner and Nolan Coppard. The men quickly needed a player to step in at goalkeeper and Nick Bosse selflessly stepped in to rescue the team. Shots coming in at all angles, Crowborough had a tough first half which finished 2-0. It felt that in the second half the threes had more to give. Powerhouse Nolan Coppard unfortunately received a collar bone break (get well soon!) and so the team unexpectedly lost a valuable player. But they rallied on, the opposition sadly slotting in a third goal to make it 3-0. The defending worked well, and the defence working a whole lot harder than they would normally have to. The lads will pick themselves up for the next game. The game ended in a 3-0 loss with player of the match going to Nick Bosse for stepping into the goalkeeper position followed by some immense defence by Harry.

Girls Youth Academy

Girls Youth Academy played at home against Mid Sussex at 15:00pm. With a great turnout for the team (seventeen players) the girls started strong and thoroughly enjoyed themselves throughout. Sadly, they could not convert some of the close attempts. Even with great defensive play and goalkeeping from Tilly they lost 4-0 to the more seasoned Mid Sussex. Well done girls and thank you to Lara for taking care of the side this week!

Boys Youth Academy

Boys Youth Academy played away against St Francis at 15:00pm. The boys demonstrated an awesome display of passing and moving the ball around today, having an overall positive game. The game ended in a spectacular 6-1 win! Player of the match went to Eddie Dennett and Eddie Mercer for consistency in the centre of the pitch.

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