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Week 17 Match Summaries

Mens Ones

Mens Ones played at home against St Francis at 13:30pm. It was a competitive game with intense speed and talented play. The game ended in a 3-2 loss with scorers Mike Lindley and Josh Holman.

Mens Twos

Mens Twos played away against Lewes at 16:30pm. After a late pushback, the men battled hard and passed quickly to score two outstanding team goals. Despite the opposition battling equally as hard and also scoring two goals, the enormous want for that point kept the men playing as one and challenging constantly. The game ended in a 2-2 draw.

Mens Threes

Mens Threes played away against South Saxons. James Lee got the first goal shortly before half time after a slick move from Rory Pamphilon, Tim Porter and Freddie Lee. Mens 3s fought back from a 2 goal deficit with a couple of minutes left on the clock. The second goal was a scramble after Joel Street stuck the ball into the D and Olly Sanday’s tenacity saw the ball over the line despite the opposition’s vehement cries for an infringement during the build up. The game ended in a 2-2 draw and for slick play, endless tracking back and just all round brilliance, Albion Ayden got player of the match.

Ladies Ones

Ladies Ones played at home against Burgess Hill at 12:00pm. The first half saw the Ones struggle to get into the game. Despite this, they still played with their usual skill and determination, leading to a well-earned goal from Sharon McGinley. Annie Marr got so stuck into the game that she was sent to minor injuries with a head injury, we hope she recovers speedily! The second half saw the Ones get extremely stuck in, resulting in another 4 spectacular goals. One from Sam Williams, another from Lucy Smith, a second from Sharon McGinley and a penalty flick from Michelle Hulse. It was quite a physical game, with Tiger Innes getting floored by the goalie which resulted in the penalty flick. This only made the Ones play harder, the excellent team display securing them the win. The game ended early due to an injury to the opposition but both teams agreed to the 5-2 win. It was an excellent game to watch.

Ladies Twos

Ladies Twos played at home against Middleton at 10:30am. The game was played with some excellent communication and expert passing skills. The team dynamic has been constantly improving over the last few games and it really showed today. Everyone played as one and were all on the same wavelength when it came to both attacking and defending. First half showed some brilliant hockey being played, the opposition struggling to find the goal while the Crows pummelled their defence. Naomi Tear scored the first goal, an epic solo run with a professional finish. Many short corners were given, each one only missing the goal by a few centimetres. The second half proved to be much tougher for the Crows with Middleton fighting back furiously. Our defence came to the rescue once again with some awesome clearing, tracking back and switching the ball. Another two goals were scored, one for Jen Brough and another for Naomi Tear. The game ended in a 3-0 win for the Crows who were all ecstatic that they had beaten the top of the league in such a challenging game. Player of the match went to Amanda Catling for her amazing passing, tackling, communication and just all around skilfulness.

Ladies Threes

Ladies Threes played away against Middleton at 12:15pm. Cath Rawlings led out the Crowborough Ladies 3s in her first game as captain. The pitch was slow but the match was not. Rachel Valentine scored a great goal early on, which was swiftly followed by a Middleton goal. Lucy Gibson immediately stepped up and scored but this was matched by another Middleton one shortly before the half time whistle. Despite having no subs and injuries conceded by both Cath Rawlings and Katie Shearn, Borough battled on throughout a ferocious second half. Crowborough’s defensive play was formidable with Cath Rawlings, Jane French and Lucy Brown forming an impenetrable shield around the goal, supported throughout by some fantastic play by Jo Alker and Amber Valentine. Lucy Gibson then put away her 2nd goal, and shortly after Katie Shearn scored her first ever goal. This was followed by an impressive penalty taken by Lucy Brown. It was a well deserved 5-2 victory for the team with Lucy Gibson getting player of the match for her two amazing goals. Thank you to Rachel Valentine for this great match summary.

Girls Development

Girls Development played away in a Triangular against Burgess Hill and Eastbourne at 10:00am. The girls were faced with two difficult games today but they rallied together and played in such a professional manner. The first game against Eastbourne was a 2-1 win with Eve Taylor scoring both goals in a calm and masterful manner. The second game against Burgess Hill was lost 3-0 but the girls still played with great skill and perfect team spirit. Well done Girls Development.

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